Palm Sunday 2

Palm Sunday

PALM SUNDAY marks the beginning of Holy Week.

On Palm Sunday we remember Jesus arriving at Jerusalem at the Passover and entering Jerusalem on a donkey. He was met by people waving and laying down Palm Branches.

Although People were expecting Jesus to look like a King, he arrived on a donkey and wearing a simple white robe. This was to symbolise Jesus as being ‘one with the people’ of God. He chose to enter on a donkey to show he had come in Peace. Many people waving the Palm branches shouted ‘Hosanna to the Son of David’.

Jesus did all this to fulfil the words spoken by the Prophet Zachariah “Behold your King is coming to you, humbled and riding on a donkey”.

The people of Jerusalem hoped Jesus would be the Saviour they had long awaited for.

In Church on Palm Sunday Christians are given small Palm Crosses made from Palm Leaves and process through the street  remembering Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem and singing ‘Hosanna’.

On Palm Sunday the Priests & deacons wear the Liturgical Colour  Red Crimson for their stoles and the Priest wears a red coloured chasuble. This colour represents the shedding of blood and so is warn on Palm Sunday.