News from the Parish

We share the sad news of the deaths of Ted Shannon and Michael Hughes who were both members of St Francis Church.

Ted’s life was celebrated last week with a beautiful service which included a reading from the book of Ecclesiastes 3.1-13. Ted was a member of St Francis Church for many years and took on many roles in the life and work of the Church including the role of Church Warden.
We were also very sad to hear the passing of Michael Hughes, who often attended our Wednesday morning services. His funeral took place on Thursday and he will be laid to rest today 25th May. Music during his service included ‘Hallelujah’.
We have respectfully attached a copy of the reading and song to this post in memory of them both.
We would like to extend our sincere condolences, love and prayers to the families, loved ones and friends of these two lovely people. May they both find peace in the presence of their Heavenly Father who made them. May they both Rest in Peace.

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