Community Life In The Parish of Leigh Park & Warren Park

Parish life of our community of Leigh Park & Warren Park is very much alive! We have had real live camels on more than one occasion for our Christmas Shows! Donkeys at our Nativity Services with Mary & Joseph and a packed out church with standing room only! We’ve hosted our Starlight Festival, where three members of the community rode camels through the streets of Leigh Park and through the local shopping precinct! We had Belly Dancers, Fitness Instructors, various stands and stalls, Local Choir, and many more on this occasion. The festival was hugely popular and very successful. We hope to do it again. Other events which have taken place are our Pantomimes which take place every year at St Clare’s Warren Park over three shows and is a sell out to over 300 people! The shows involve many members from our community from all walks of life and brings us together as a huge community family. The rehearsals are fun and the atmosphere at the show times amazing. The shows are written and directed by Fr Jonathan and Carolyn. Amongst the shows include ‘The Nativity’, Aladdin and Cinderella. We look forward to producing another!  The Parish Church is also very much involved with the local schools. They arrange Prayer Spaces in schools, many assemblies, classroom work, services in the Church for schools, and a lot of school children have become involved with the community pantomimes too. There are too many community events to mention but there are many photo’s on this page of our engagement with our community.  It is a vibrant  fun and loving community and we love the friendship we have and the work we do together.

We hope you enjoy the photo’s!