How to contact the Church Commissioners

Everyone is invited to respond to the Church Commissioners with their thoughts of the Reorganisation Proposals by the Portsmouth Diocese. The closing date for people’s submissions is Wednesday 29th May 2019.

We have constant updates on our official Facebook page ‘St Francis Leigh Park’ as well as on a ‘Save leigh park st Francis church and st Clare and West leigh vicars’ Facebook page which was started by a member of the local community’.
We would like to end this with saying a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ to those who have show their love and support throughout this process.

We, the Church Council of St Francis and St Clare had a meeting with representatives of the Bishop’s Council and the Archdeacon who has been handling it last night (21st May 2019). We have been informed they are not sending any of the information we have all submitted to them in process up to now, so it is a complete clean slate with the Church Commissioners. They do not know what you have said to the diocese. They have not seen the petitions. They have not seen the Facebook comments we sent. They do not know about the Public outcry at the public meeting and beyond. They have absolutely nothing other than the diocese’s request for the reorganisation. Basically they are doing this with a clean slate.
SO!!! In a way that is good news. It means they will take on board what you say. I am under the impression that they will also respond to you too, as I know of one person who has had a response already.
We at St F and St C and compiling all the information which we sent before again…and more! There is a team of three of us working around the clock to ensure all the information is compiled together and submitted on time.
If you do contact them in the coming week by post do remember it is Bank Holiday on Monday, so that is one less posting day!

Thank you so much for your ongoing support. It does not go unnoticed and is very much appreciated.
We will continue to keep you posted.
In the mean time here are the contact details for anyone who needs them.
REMEMBER you MUST state if you object or are for the proposals in your correspondence i.e. “I am against this proposal because…..”
Not long to go now before this legal part ends…as frustrating as it is.

Please do contact the Church Commissioners either by letter or email

You can find information on the Church Commissioners website about our Churches on this website


Here is a copy of information from the Church Commissioners about how to contact them.