Diocese recommends Reorganisation Proposals to Church Commissioners

Following the lengthy time the Bishop and his council had to read and consider all the correspondence for the public correspondence on the proposals for reorganising the parish, the Bishop’s Council chose to put the plans for reorganisation to the Bishop unchanged. Their proposal is for a Team Rector and a Team Vicar, with the title of Church Planting Vicar and for the three Parishes of Leigh Park, Warren Park and West Leigh to become one large parish. This is the legal basics required by the council that they would like to see in place within our Parish. The, Bishop of Portsmouth has chosen to accept this Parish Reorganisation Proposals from the Bishop’s Council for our area and opted to not change their decision.  We are now in the stage of the Church Commissioners. It is now back in the hands of the public and they are invited to contact the Church Commissioners with their views. The Church Commissioners are the Legal Body of the Church of England who will make the decision of the final plans. The closing date is Wednesday 29th May 2019.