MUNCH is the award-winning initiative of Park Community School since 2017.
At first it was about tackling holiday hunger, providing free meals during school holidays for any child and their parents who might normally be having free school meals during term time. This has since developed and anyone who needs a nutritious, healthy meal can get one for free on Thursday evenings from 5.30pm till 6.30pm, once a month on Sundays from 12pm till 1pm and during school holidays from 12pm. MUNCH also runs special one-off events.
As well as the meals, there is a community fridge situated in the Dickinson Centre at Park Community School which is stocked up using food donated from Food Share and local people, which is available for anyone to help themselves to during the opening times of the centre.
Food is provided thanks to the generosity of local funders including individuals, local businesses and trusts and anyone who wants to eat at a MUNCH meal time is welcome to make a donation if they are able.
So, MUNCH is for anyone who needs it – the Park Community School kitchen chefs are award winning and the food is amazing. Feel free to grab some food soon – all welcome

Service of Remembrance

St Clare’s Church, Warren Park..



Your Parish Churches of St Francis, Leigh Park & St Clare’s, Warren Park would like to warmly invite you to a memorial service to remember and pray for the souls of those whom you have loved and have passed away.


We hope you will join us to pray for them
God bless.

Thursday March 7th

Tuesday: 7 pm Study Course at St Clare’s
Wednesday: 9.30 am Eucharist at St Francis

7 pm Stations of the Cross at St Clare’s
Friday:    12.30 Stations of the Cross at St Francis + Lent Lunch and 



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