B’uzz Club

Welcome to our B’uzz Club!


The B’uzz Club meet every third Sunday of the month in the adjacent hall during the 10am morning service.


Welcome to our lovely family we call the ‘B’uzz Club’. The club consists of young people of all ages who spend an hour in the hall with us whilst the morning service takes place. We teach them about our Faith through various and fun ways. The young people always make us smile and we love helping them to engage with their learning and with one another.  Our sessions help them to learn about their Faith through prayer, questions & answer sessions, Role Play, Crafts – often with LOTS of Glitter… The messier the better!, Fun Games, Food  and much more…

During Holy Communion (The receiving of bread & wine) the young people return to the church service to receive a blessing or Holy Sacrament of bread & wine and then return again during the notices at the end of the service to present their work and receive a much deserved round of applause from those present!

The club is run by a group of friendly adult volunteers who have all received DBS Safeguarding Checks. If any young person would like to join us you are most welcome to join our family. We do ask that, for safeguarding reasons the young people are accompanied by an appropriate grown up. Children of all ages are welcome in our young family and we very much look forward to meeting you!


Some examples of the topics we have covered so far include:

  • Growing and Showing Our Faith – This will be our theme for B’uzz Club throughout the year 2019, learning that we are all disciples. This theme will co-inside with the sermons taking place within the morning service in the church
  • The Beatitudes Our B’uzz club learned about each of the Beatitudes, one at each  session for a year and discovered how to relate them to their own lives and that of others. For example “Blest are the pure in heart for they shall see God”… The young people were asked questions such as what they thought Jesus meant by it, and what it means for us today.  What does God look like.
  • The Lord’s Prayer Our B’uzz club broke down the Lord’s Prayer line by line, one for each session, and wrote their own modern interpretation  for what they thought it meant
  • Saints The B’uzz club discussed how people received the title of a Saint. What qualities they feel are required, and compared them to themselves and other ordinary people of today
  • The world Jesus knew  The B’uzz club discussed what kind of people, foods, rulers, landscapes and so forth that would have existed at the time of Jesus’ ministry in the Holy Land. They tried samples of food that he may have eaten.
  • Amnesty International Juniors – The B’uzz club write letters and  communicate through Amnesty International Juniors to write to people who have been wrongly imprisoned for standing up for their beliefs and recently received a letter of thanks for someone who had been released. Our support continues…
  • Easter –  Our B’uzz learn about the last days of Jesus’ earthly life and ministry
  • And many more…


Games and Crafts have included:

  • Making Bath Bombs
  • Blind fold games
  • Flapping paper fish across the room races
  • Making friendship bracelets
  • Writing letters to Amnesty international
  • Role plays
  • Painting stones
  • Hand and feet painting
  • Making LOTS of glitter crafts
  • Christmas & Easter craft fun!
  • Food tasting of items that would have existed at the time of Jesus in the Holy Land


We also, on the First Sunday of each month, hold a family service at the 10am Service. During this service our young members from the B’uzz club participate in the various roles of the Church service. Some children are dressed in a long gown (white dress, called an Alb) and join the vicar, deacon and an adult server, and take on the roles of:

  • Acolyte (carrying the big candles)
  • Crucifer (carrying the cross)
  • MC (Master of Ceremonies… Carries the Gospel Book, helps the vicar and deacon to prepare and clear the altar (big table)  for Holy Communion, rings the bell during the Eucharistic Prayer – (special part of the service where we remember the Last meal Jesus had with his disciples). 


All servers process in and out of the Church with the Vicar, Deacon and an adult server. The Children are supervised and guided by the adult server throughout the service.


Children, who are not on the rota to do these roles on the day may still process with the team and carry smaller candles  during the service. Those who do not have a role to play in the main server team on the day take on other roles during the service including:

  • Reading out the prayers
  • Reading the Bible stories set for the day 
  • Assisting with offertory (collecting kind donations from the people in the Church) 
  • Setting up the Church before the service and welcoming people on the doors.


If you would like to enquire more or would like to join in please do contact us via email www.stfranciswebcontroller@gmail.com  OR  telephone Fr Jonathan Jeffery & Carolyn Owens on 02392475276 and we will be very happy to assist in any way we can.