A MASSIVE ‘Thank you’ to all those who contacted the Church Commissioners with their thoughts and concerns on the Parish Reorganisation Plans from the diocese. Your response was wonderful!
In all there were 38 against the proposals verses 3 for. The Church Commissioners have now requested we choose some representatives to attend a hearing to be held in London to have another say before they make their final decision. Portsmouth Diocese will also be sending representatives too.
We WILL be attending this hearing!
In the meantime all members of the public are now able to access and read all the available paperwork that people have submitted to the Church Commissioners.
The Church Commissioners have contacted the Bishop of Portsmouth to request some answers to questions they raise to which the Bishop has replied. You can find all this information on the Church of England consultations website and I would strongly recommend people to read both. The web address is :-..
…or you might be able to click on link below…
Those who DID contact the Church Commissioners (and only they) are able to respond to the bishop’s response but it needs to be done so by Monday 8th July 10am as this is the deadline. Correspondence can be emailed to:-
or written and sent to:-
Church Commissioners
Church House
Great Smith Street
London SW1P 3AZ

But please do remember the closing day for this is MONDAY 8th JULY – so only a few days!!l
I hope this post goes some way to explain things so far and that you find it to be helpful. If there is anything else we can help with do by all means do send us an email at

St Francis Leigh Park Social Media Coordinator