Sunday 13th January 2019 – Baptism of Christ


8.30am Sunday Morning Service @ St Clare’s Church Warren Park

10am Sunday Family Service Sunday @ St Francis Church – Followed by refreshments and social time in the hall


Wednesday 16th January 2019

9.30am –  @ St Francis – Said Eucharist followed by refreshments & friendship in the small hall


Sunday 20th January 2019 – With children’s B’uzz Club

8.30am Morning Eucharist Service @ St Clare’s Church Warren Park

10am Morning Eucharist Service with children’s B’uzz club 

B’uzz club takes part during the service in the hall. Please note children should be accompanied by an appropriate adult.

The new theme for 2019 B’uzz will be ‘Growing and Sharing Our Faith’ – How we are all disciples. This will also be the theme for our sermons too.


For more information on the B’uzz please see our B’uzz Club Heading on the main webpage


           PLEASE continue to pray our Prayer for Growth at BOTH CHURCHES! And welcome any new faces God sends to us


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St Francis & St Clare’s PCC Meetings

Wednesday 16th 7pm – St Francis PCC meets, beginning with Eucharist 

Wednesday 23rd January 7pm – St Clare’s PCC meets, beginning with Eucharist


Sunday 27th January 2019 6pm-7pm – Silent Prayer Hour @St Francis Church, Leigh Park 

On the eve of the Bishop’s Council meeting to discuss the future of the proposed Parish Re-organisation, we are offering  this month’s Silent Prayer Hour as a time for anyone who would like to come to reflect and pray for all those involved in this process at this time of uncertainty.

The doors will be open throughout this hour and you are welcome to arrive and leave at anytime.

Monday 28th January 2019

The Bishop’s Council will meet to discuss the Parish Reorganisation Proposals. Please hold Bishop Christopher and all who are involved in your prayers



Messy Monday

Next session….  Activity, Story, Prayer & Shared Meal





Munch continues…






An opportunity to come and sit in the Church  and ‘Just Be’ with God in silent prayer. There are no hymns or spoken words, just a peaceful prayerful space for time with God. Some occasions may include reflective music played in the background, other times the Church may be in silence. This prayer time is available for the hour, but people are welcome to come and leave at anytime during this period and stay as little or as long as they wish. This invitation is open to everyone regardless of who you are… It is open to anyone from any Church and those who would not normally attend a Church. Everyone is welcome in God’s House.

Last Sunday of each month @ St Francis Church, Leigh Park

NEXT SERVICE:  The next Silent Prayer with God Hour will take place Sunday 27th January 2019 6pm-7pm





     The Prayer Board at St Francis Church is being prayed by a small group monthly.

Do please add prayers for those in need and keep it under review





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This Weeks School Assemblies:

We continue to pray for our schools, for their pupils and their staff 

Monday 14th January 9.05am – Assembly @ Front Lawn Juniors School

Tuesday 15th January 2.30pm – 100% Attendance Assembly @ Riders School

Wednesday 16th January 2.30pm – Assembly @ Riders Junior School




 We continue to hold in our hearts the people who ask of our prayers



As well as our regular St Francis website and Facebook page, we also have a St Francis, Leigh Park Prayer Facebook page. 

Please do feel free to leave prayers on this page. You can post favourite prayers or personal prayers and can also ask for prayer requests.

Our Prayer Facebook page is available to everyone regardless of whether you attend Church or not. God hears our prayers in the silence of our hearts and he hears us too when we join together to bring others before him in prayer.

So, whether you wish to pray for yourself, for others, a particular situation or just post a favourite prayer, please do so freely knowing we will be with you in those prayers.



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Food Bank PO9 is run and provided by volunteers who are members of the local community to provide food for those in need in our community. There are various collection points available where you can drop items into, including  St Francis Church, Park Community School, Riders School & Warren Park School. 

Donations are always needed and are received with immense gratitude. If you would like to donate but are unable to deliver items Darren will be very happy to collect, he can be contacted on 07593261200, and is also available on facebook.


Food Bank PO9 would like to thank everyone for all the great support they have received to help our local families with Easter eggs and would like to wish everyone a wonderful Easter!

  If you would like to donate items please do so, they will be very happily received.

Many thanks





A MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who came to support our Christmas Fayre in November 2018, The Starlight Festival which took place at St Francis, and also the Community Pantomime of Aladdin which took place at St Clare’s Warren Park

A very special ‘Thank You’ goes to our organisers Sylvia Marshall and all who were involved with the planning and manning of the stalls at the Christmas Fayre. Carolyn Owens and Fr Jonathan for all their involvement in the Starlight Festival, the Community Pantomime of Aladdin and the Christmas Eve Nativity Performance. These were amazing events that took place within our community over the Christmas period and with so many people participating and also in attendance.

Your hard work was very much appreciated.

There was a great turnout to each event and we enjoyed spending the time with you all.


Contact Information:
The Reverend Jonathan Jeffery: 02392 475276
Email: stfranciswebcontroller@gmail.com
Like us on St Francis, Leigh Park Facebook Page & St Francis, Leigh Park Prayer Page.